Optimize Collections and Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Revolutionary Strategies to Optimize Collections and Drive Bottom-line Results

Maria Todd uses her combined health law paralegal hospital business office manager, and  ASC administrator experience to create stunning results for your revenue cycle while reducing bad debt, and accelerating cash flow.

Typical assignments include:

    • Revenue Cycle Analysis: Have Maria perform a comprehensive evaluation of your current collections processes to identify opportunities to collect more with less labor and costs to collect.
    • Customized Collections Strategy Development: No two healthcare organizations are identical. That’s why cookie cutter solutions generally can’t produce desired results. Maria tailors strategies that work and  align with your unique situation and goals.
    • Debt Reduction Plans: Proven methods to reduce bad debts and increase collection rates. Imagine your staff being unafraid to ask for cash at the time of service! It’s possible.
    • Staff Training & Empowerment: Maria shows your staff how  to leverage AI and other tools to excel with patient and insurance collections without buying more software or services. You already have everything you need to succeed. Learn how to maximize what you already have.
    • Compliance & Ethics Management: Maria’s health law paralegal training and experience trains your staff to avoid acting like mavericks in ways that violate legal and ethical collections practices for your for-profit or not-for-profit healthcare organization. She sets them on rails without killing innovation and creativity. 
    • Ongoing Monitoring & Optimization: Maria sets in motion continuous support and adjustments to maintain peak  revenue cycle performance.


“Maria Todd transformed our collections process, improving our bottom line while respecting our patients’ needs.” – Hospital CFO

“With Maria Todd’s guidance, we’ve seen a significant uptick in our collections. Her strategies are game-changing.” – ASC Administrator

“I thought she was crazy when she suggested we stop sending paper and SMS bills. My costs are down, my collections are up and my staff and patients love the changes!” – Orthopedic Front End Manager

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