Improving Clinical Operations

Optimize Efficiency, Enhance Patient Care, and Improve Clinical Outcomes

Clinical operations are the backbone of healthcare Their efficiency defines patient experience and clinician reputations. Internationally acclaimed expert, Maria Todd, develops healthcare businesses by leveraging her clinical operations knowledge from OR nursing training and experience with marketing and advertising know-how. She offers tailored solutions to improve clinical operations, foster innovation, create value and drive excellence.

Typical assignments include the following:

  • Operational Assessment: Comprehensive analysis of your current clinical operations to identify areas for improvement. (On-site only)
  • Process Optimization: Maria leverages decades of clinical operations experience to streamline internal and external workflows and reduce bottlenecks that interfere with efficient patient care.
  • Technology Integration: Maria leverages cutting-edge technologies to enhance operational efficiency when it makes sense to do so.
  • Staff Training & Development: Maria provides customized professional development training programs to empower your clinical staff at whatever level they may be.
  • Compliance & Risk Management: Maria’s health law experience and training aligns her strategies with regulatory standards to minimize risks.
  • Patient Experience Enhancement: Strategies to enhance patient safety, satisfaction, and commitment to recovery. Maria tackles the highly unlikely areas that most “efficiency experts” miss.  For example, fall risk awareness and mitigation, altitude physiology for health travel, and polypharmacy management to avoid conflicts such as serotonin syndrome or neurocognitive confusion with dosing instructions.  Her approach is most valued by clinicians because she aligns with their intentions.
  • Performance Metrics & Continuous Improvement: Maria helps establish KPIs and continuous monitoring for ongoing excellence.


“Maria Todd’s insight into our clinical operations in the OR was transformative. Her recommendations improved our efficiency, margins, brand value, patient satisfaction, and eliminated as much as 30% of time, consumables, and equipment waste per surgical case. We’re realizing faster OR times throughput at a lower cost per case and happier surgeons and less PACU overtime expense.” – Hospital Administrator

“Working with Maria Todd gave us the tools to innovate and elevate our in office clinical processes. Her guidance has been invaluable to our growth.” – Clinic Manager

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