Brand Storytelling with Social Marketing

Craft and Promote Your Healthcare Brand’s Story Using Social Marketing

Engaging Brand Storytelling and Targeted Social Marketing to Connect, Convince, and Convert

Maria Todd is one of extremely rare globally-recognized healthcare business development experts with clinical, health administration, revenue cycle, and health law acumen who is also Google Certified in Digital Marketing. She uses this knowledge and experience to craft brand stories that brings your  living healthcare brand to life. She then uses free or low cost social marketing to amplify that story. in ways your competitors don’t even know exist.

Ask Maria to help you weave your professional or facility ‘s brand story and promote it through targeted social marketing to reach hearts, minds, and markets.

Brand Storytelling & Social Marketing Services:

  • Story Crafting: Creating compelling brand stories that connect with targeted patients or attorneys or case managers at an emotional level.
  • Content Development: Producing engaging content that cannot be copied by competitors to support your brand’s story.
  • Social Media Strategy: Maria tailors multi-modal strategies using digital, print, event,  out-of-home marketing, and social media to target your audience and goals using the “12 touches” principle. Her work delivers incomparable results! 
  • Influencer Partnerships: Maria does all the legwork to create collaborations with partners and influencers and craft the messages they share to amplify your message as brand ambassadors. 
  • Monitoring & Engagement: No marketing is better than marketing without tracking measurable results. Track and engage with your audience for continuous growth.

Call on Maria Todd Today!

Let Maria Todd assist in narrating your brand’s story and promoting it with social marketing that resonates. Reach out today to start your storytelling journey.

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