ASC Payer Contracting, Credentialing, & Revenue Management

Unleash Success with Maria Todd

ASC Payer Contracting

Maximize Payer Relationships with Maria Todd: Master the dynamics of ASC payer contracting through tailored strategies and insights:

  • Strategic Payer Negotiations: Proven approaches for successful contract negotiations. Time to eliminate grouper agreements from the 1990s!
  • Optimal Contracting Terms: Solutions tailored to your ASC for favorable payer agreements.
  • Contract Analysis & Management: Ongoing support to analyze the terms and the rates.
  • Payer Relationship Building: Foster long-term partnerships with worthy payers.
  • Cost & Revenue Alignment: Strategic alignment to balance costs and maximize revenue.
  • Direct-with-Employer Deals: Negotiate directly with employer plan administrators and their TPAs for redirected contracts. 

Facilities Credentialing

Streamline ASC Credentialing when opening a new location: Ensure maximum readiness for a new location with Maria Todd’s expert guidance:

  • Credentialing Strategy Development: Customized timelines and activities for seamless credentialing and contracting. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to get paid for surgeries at the new location!
  • New Facility Credentialing Compliance: Assurance of adherence to state, federal, accreditor and industry standards.
  • Provider Enrollment Services: Efficient handling of provider enrollment and updates to expedite your grand opening and ensure you can bill for services.
  • Continuous Monitoring & Support: Maria’s expertise helps you to adapt to changing payor requirements, contract terms, and prior authorization procedures.

Revenue Management Improvement

Enhance Revenue Management with Maria Todd: Leverage Maria Todd’s specialized insights for significant improvements in revenue management:

  • Revenue Cycle Optimization: Efficient processes for billing, collections, and accounts receivable.
  • Strategic Pricing Models: Customized pricing strategies to align to compete effectively.
  • Data Analytics & Reporting: Intelligent insights for informed revenue management decisions.
  • Denial Management & Resolution: Minimize denials and expedite resolution through tested strategies and tactics.
  • Tailored Revenue Growth Plans: Personalized plans to ensure sustainable revenue growth and stability without peaks and troughs.
  • Accept personal injury cases with ease: No more waiting years to get paid. Learn the secrets to advance payment from attorneys without factoring or liens.

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Maria Todd is a retired ASC administrator who will lead your ASC going forward with optimized payer contracting, flawless new facilities credentialing, and enhanced revenue management.

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