Design and Deploy Successful Health Tourism Clusters™

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Maria Todd teaches government authorities and public and private sector stakeholders who need to know “how” to plan, develop and deploy functional, successful health tourism cluster organizations to support health tourism destination development.


  • Learn what it takes to organize and operate day-to-day cluster management to add value, administration, transparency, fairness and economic development for all stakeholders
  • Conduct a training needs assessment to decide which skills to develop and roles and responsibilities and job descriptions for each team member working in the cluster.
  • No matter what brand of software you intend purchase, learn which software capabilities are needed to manage the cluster operations and ongoing support.
  • Learn from real-world examples, real problems that have been solved, and what can go wrong if you are missing the infrastructure necessary to operate the cluster and produce value.
  • Learn how to effectively market the cluster members and measure and publish externally-verifiable results and revenues while preserving the spirit of competition across stakeholders.
  • Learn from an award-winning, internationally recognized expert and the author of 18 textbooks on healthcare business topics, recognized for industry experience, depth of knowledge, and proven ability to engage participants.
  • Invite as many stakeholders and government authorities as you like for this 2-day, hands-on, practical and informative workshop.
  • Leave with a road map that highlights next steps: what to research, which questions to ask, and a blueprint to design, organize and deploy a functional and successful health tourism cluster organization.

Master Class Summary

Medical Tourism Clusters are more than a corporation or public-private partnership to “market” the medical and dental tourism services of a destination. Updated for 2019, this learning-intensive hands on workshop covers an overview of the role and operation of a health tourism cluster.

Maria covers needs analysis, sector strengths and weaknesses, destination advantages and constraints, marketing, day-to-day operations, organizational infrastructure, management roles and responsibilities, dispute resolution, training and capacity development for cluster employees, and how all the subordinate departments within the cluster work in harmony to support the stakeholders so they can focus on treating patients.

She covers contracts between the cluster and stakeholders, development of participation criteria and standards to be a cluster member, software and day-to-day management, and all the things that failed clusters overlooked and under-developed and how it contributed to their stagnation and inefficiency. Physician integration and alignment is also addressed.

After This Seminar, You’ll Be Able To:
  • Feel confident that you know the next steps required to start designing and organizing your planned private or public-private-partnership cluster organization.
  • Feel more confident about the cluster’s value proposition, how to run it, how to decide on criteria and standards for participation
  • Know exactly what data and information to request from each collaborating member, why you need it, how to ask for it, and how to use it to leverage brand strength and differentiation
  • How to pre-review insurance contracts and government payer contracts for group health buyers that want to do business with cluster suppliers
  • Understand and decide which accreditation and certification programs to pursue to align with your primary target buyers’ and insurers’ perceptions and recognition of value, quality and safety.
  • How to effectively market and brand the destination, the cluster and the overarching message of the cluster and its participants.
  • Ideas to create the cluster public facing website and back-end intranet to support cluster operations and communications between cluster collaborators
Tools and Takeaways

Templates, tools, checklists, outlines, and model standards and criteria for hospitals, nursing agencies, free-standing surgery centers, hotels, spas, thermal rehabilitation resorts; model contract templates that spell out the roles and responsibilities between cluster and collaborating participants, model business rules for contracts with buyers, insurers, and self-insured employers, and a trial account for software to manage cluster operations at no charge for the first year.

Workshop Format:

Live, Hands-on, Interactive, Prototyping


General knowledge of medical tourism operations and infrastructure

What's Included

14 hours of hands-on training

4GB USB Drive with supplemental materials to accelerate cluster design, development and deployment that contains the following:

  • Model worksheets
  • Model checklists
  • Template Contracts, Policies and Procedures
  • Supplemental reading materials

Access to a trial account of SAAS cloud-based software

–  specifically designed to support all day-to-day operations management and cluster function and reporting – no charge for first year.