image of Medical Claim Denied Stamp
Frustrated by managed care plan tactics to delay payments and test your resolve?
Short on time or trained staffers to appeal claims and recover cash?

Hospitals are writing off more denied claims dollars that ever before. For the average small rural hospital this can mean the difference between sustainability and closure.

AskMariaTodd™ to evaluate the situation and see if she believes she can overturn the denial. If she believes she can help, assign her to appeal high-value claims for you on a contingency basis. 

Getting paid what you’re owed inspires your team to exceed their stretch goals

Invite Maria Todd to your facility to conduct a denied claims appeal training workshop today!

Your staff wants to do a good job. But there’s no commercial academy or course to send them to learn what they truly need to know to fight denied claims effectively. That’s probably because it all starts with what was negotiated in a contract. 

Bring a custom academy to your facility or clinic today and let’s get the team trained and proud of their results.

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