Physician Employment Contract Consulting

Maria Todd has been consulting to physicians and physician extenders helping them analyze and negotiate their employment agreements since 1983.

How Maria Can Help Physicians and Mid-level Practitioners (e.g., NP, PAs, Midwives, etc.) negotiate employment agreements to work in the following settings:

Contract Reviews

photo of Maria Todd reviewing physician employment contractFind Loopholes and Risks

Nobody likes being taken advantage of.  Physicians and physician extenders assume professional liability risks at every patient encounter. [read more = "Continue"]Mitigate the risks associated with overly-burdensome non-compete and other provisions of your employment agreement.   

Maria helps you negotiate better group contracts with small and large group practices, FQHCs and community health centers, or hospitalist and hospital-employed physician employment agreements, and advisory role / medical director contracts to work with ASCs, insurance companies, ACOs, PHOs, and self-funded employers and labor unions. Call her to explain your situation and learn how she can help you meet your employment objectives. [/read]

Medical Groups

Maria Todd helps medical groups to negotiate physician employment contracts with new hiresMedical Groups of Any Size

Experienced and post-graduate physicians and mid-level practitioners (e.g., physician assistants, advanced practice registered nurses, nurse practitioners, [read more = "Continue"]certified nurse-midwives, certified registered nurse anesthetists, clinical nurse specialists and anesthesiologist assistants)  also face many of the same challenges in analyzing and negotiating employment agreements.

For Job Seekers: Maria will provide a practical / operational review of your contract to ensure it covers all the usual points of contention that may require a little fine tuning to make them more equitable.  She is happy to work alongside your chosen legal adviser to complement their legal and compliance review since most general practice attorneys tend to lack the training and experience on physician employment agreements detailing compensation and work requirements, exit terms and non-disclosure or arbitration agreements.

For Practice Administrators: Whether it is  your first new hire in a solo practice or you are adding a new physician or mid-level practitioner to an existing larger group or hospital-employed physician group, Maria will provide a practical / operational review of your contract to ensure it covers all the usual points of contention that may require a little fine tuning to make them more equitable. [/read]

Hospital Employment

Maria Todd helps hospitals and physicians negotiate physician employment contracts to work in the hospital settingAlternatives to Private Practice

The trend towards hospitals employing physicians narrow is well established. More than 57% of physicians in America are now employed by hospitals [read more = "Continue"] that have purchased the assets of an established physician practice or have integrated them into clinic settings and outreach sites owned by integrated health systems.

Savvy hospital executives have called on Maria for more than 10 years to request her help to establish concierge practices for certain hospital-employed physicians to round out community offerings of care delivery within the hospital or integrated health system's brand. These practices meet the community's demand for a more personalized care delivery model at a premium price.

Ask Maria Todd to guide you through the process of physician employment by a hospital or integrated health delivery system. [/read]

FQHC Employment

Maria Todd assists FQHCs to negotiate physician employment contract with full time and part time physicians and mid level practitioners.Terms of Employment

FQHC employment sometimes comes with terms that permit the FQHC to offer loan repayment. This is because most FQHCs are part of safety net centers [read more = "Continue"]that serve locations and populations with limited access to healthcare. They may be located in urban or rural areas.  An FQHC is often an integrated medical facility, where a patient has a single chart encompassing all care, including medical, dental and behavioral health.

Some physicians and dentists and mid-level practitioners work full-time at a FQHC, while others devote part of their schedules to working for one of these centers. In addition to providing better access to care for the public, working for an FQHC can provide loan repayment opportunities.  Loan repayment is available for a combined commitment that includes both a minimum number of 20 hours per week, and a minimum number of years of service.  Licensed health care providers may earn up to $50,000 toward student loans in exchange for a two-year commitment at an NHSC-approved site through the NHSC Loan Repayment Program (NHSC LRP).  Accepted participants may serve as primary care medical, dental, or mental/behavioral health clinicians and can choose to serve longer for additional loan repayment support.

If this is an avenue you are considering, Maria can assist you with a quick review of the contract offer to give you more confidence or help you negotiate better or different terms for salary and benefits, leave policy, continuing education, exit terms if you decide to leave, termination provisions, and more.

To begin the process, call Maria Todd at 800.727.4160 and schedule a complimentary 15-minute chat to explain your situation and the assistance you'd like from her.[/read]

Non-clinical Settings

Maria Todd helps physicians negotiate physician employment contracts for consulting and advisory roles outside the realm of direct patient care.Advisory Roles

Maria Todd has been helping physicians to negotiate independent contractor service agreements as a part-time or full-time clinical adviser.[read more = "Continue"]

Many advisory roles are open to physicians in both primary care and specialties. They advise investors, insurers, movie production crews, screenplay writers, scriptwriters or scenarists, and in other settings where a clinically-trained consultant can advise both medical practitioners and non-medical team members.

In clinical settings, they advise on the best ways to comply with clinical and medication best practices, regulations and policies to improve hospital and health facility operations while also providing enhanced patient care.  They may work part-time advising outreach counselors in institutional settings such as colleges, universities, and prisons, with chart reviews and serving as a resource to the day-to-day operations team.

In non-clinical settings, they may work in roles that range from coaching actors on how physicians inter­act with one other to research­ing various natural remedies and conditions, staging operating theater and clinical props settings, and explaining or assisting actors with pronunciation with medical terms.  They may advise investors on medical risks, clinical applications and use cases, etc.,  They may advise attorneys on defense tactics and perform independent medical examinations or evaluations of medical records. They may advise new medical tourism facilitators to fill in gaps in the facilitators' missing medical knowledge or they may become medical tourism facilitators, themselves.

Call on Maria Todd to work as your advocate to review your physician employment or independent contractor agreement and point out any recommended revisions or additions to mitigate risk and protect your interest. [/read]

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