Center for Health Tourism Strategy

What is the Center for Health Tourism Strategy?

The Center for Health Tourism Strategy is a gift to the health and wellness tourism industry from Dr Maria Todd.  We hope you'll peruse all the site has to offer find the information you seek.


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Why was this section of our website created?

To be a one-stop authoritative resource to help industry entrepreneurs and students re-imagine health and wellness tourism and travel.

This section of Maria Todd's website was established to help medical tourism entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, health policy and government agencies. It provides useful and reliable information, advice, insights, resources, and inspiration for planning, launching, running and growing their medical tourism businesses.  As we monitor the industry changes and advances, we believe were are making progress to change how the medical tourism industry looks at itself and how it is perceived by the rest of the world.  We're raising the bar, organically. Here, you'll encounter inspiration from forward-thinking innovators, early adopters and influencers in medical tourism.

Prior to creating the website in 2003, no medical tourism trade association existed and only one or two conference organizers were active, worldwide. Maria's consulting practice was flourishing and demand for her advice to medical tourism businesses, governments, investors, and clinicians was growing and she had neither the bandwidth nor interest to organize and operate a not-for-profit trade association in addition to her busy consulting practice. As a world renowned healthcare and health tourism consultant, she needed a cloud-based repository where she could store and access password-protected data, articles, checklists, and other tools she needed to use with clients at any location, worldwide.  At first the site served as a private tool repository that was password protected. 

In 2003, Maria Todd decided that the medical tourism industry had an unfilled need to locate and use authoritative resources to help the industry grow and expand. The articles she had written, tools she created data, and  research reports could help the industry in an informal way.  She decided to generously share hundreds of practicable tips, tools and best practices accessible to visitors, mostly free. In 2017, she decided to consolidate the site into her own website as a section and manage only one website. That required the establishment of a redirection from the old website to this site.

This microsite within is loaded with articles, sample forms, checklists, and and self study aides. Everything you find on this website is the property of Maria Todd and all materials are her copyrighted intellectual property and protected by international copyright laws. If you can't find what you want or need, please ask us via phone, email or fill in the contact request and we'll get back to you.  If you didn't hear back from us within a day or so, please assume we didn't receive your request.  The best way to contact us is to call by phone +1.800.727.4160. Telephone staff are on duty around the clock at our firm- so you'll never reach a voice mail or answering robot.


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