2020 Revenue Cycle Trends To Know

Mounting pressure on patients and medical providers due to increased patient financial responsibility. What can you do to help accelerate cash? Read on!...

2020 Outlook: Value-based Care (VBC)

2020 Outlook: Value-based Care & Reimbursement MARKETING & REIMBURSEMENT AskMariaTodd™ …for more information about what’s been mentioned in this article​ or something else you’d like to learn more about Maria Todd is frequently engaged as a consultant to prepare physicians, hospitals and ambulatory surgery facilities for value-based care marketing and reimbursement strategies.  Over the...

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About Medicare for All

What Should You do About Medicare for All? CONTRACTED REIMBURSEMENT STRATEGY AskMariaTodd™ …for more information about what’s been mentioned in this article​ or something else you’d like to learn more about Some consultants like to up the drama of the industry by telling scary tales about change and Medicare for All.  While Medicare for...

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photo of Maria Todd reviewing managed care contracts with a client

Price Transparency: Ready Set Go!

New and significant hospital price transparency rules are proposed for hospitals in the USA. Will you be ready in less than 4 months?...

Need Help to Appeal Denied/Rejected Claims?

Out of Network International insurers / health schemes Denied Workers’ Compensation Third-party liability (slip and fall, etc.) with Attorney Involvement Uninsured Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Lack of Medical Necessity Allegations that you lack proper authorization Coverage Exclusion or Exhaustion Pre-existing conditions on Travel Accident Insurance Denied vs Rejected A denied claim is one that an insurance...

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What Maria's Clients Are Saying...

Maria's Strategy Leveled the Playing Field

“We were specifically looking for a consultant who knew managed care contracting inside and out and who understood how to leverage our unique services and differentiation to gain us visibility. We needed to compete on the same level as the corporate-owned behemoth up the road.

Maria Todd delivered. We get paid more on our differentiated services, our state-of-the-art technologies are acknowledged and included in the fee schedule, our admissions and referrals have increased, and denied claim appeals are fewer and less frequent.

Maria Todd’s payer contracting strategy has leveled the playing field and actually given us a better advantage!

For help with new managed care contracts, contract analysis and negotiation or increases, or to appeal denied claims and services, I just pick up the phone, dial (800) 727.4160 and AskMariaTodd™ and she handles it for me.

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