Are You Overlooking Your ASC’s Secret Marketing Weapon?

Most Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) don’t have an internal marketing expert on staff. Many feel they cannot afford one, while others simply haven’t considered it. Which group describes you? I recently attended my second Becker’s ASC event in Chicago in as many years. Much to my surprise, when people in the exhibit hall and...

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Managing Managed Care Contract Renewals

Why is the process of renewing and renegotiating #managedcare #contracts still such a challenge for providers? Are they not utilizing the tools properly? Are they not adding the contracts into their systems properly? Do the tools have some necessary features missing? Is there some other reason?...

Reference-based Pricing Gets Put to the Test in Virginia

Make no assumptions about reference-based pricing! Not yet, anyway… Reference-based pricing in healthcare is an interesting concept. What it is and how it works: Reference-based pricing is a relatively new healthcare reimbursement model where employers contract with a company to negotiate payment rates outside a traditional HMO or PPO contractual relationship and...

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