Author Bio for Maria Todd

Maria Todd is an award-winning speaker, consultant and author of 19 professional books. She consults to healthcare facilities, practitioners, ancillary providers, government authorities, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, employers, investors, and legal and real estate developers. Her guidance helps them to improve reimbursement, create brands and develop medical travel business and destination development strategies.

Speaker Introduction

Maria Todd speaks widely to trade associations, government task forces and special ad hoc committees and specializes in helping clients to demystify the complexities of healthcare marketing and revenue management strategies and operations. Her topics range from ideation to startup, to problem-solving, to quality and safety improvement, to marketing and branding, and innovation. She brings audiences her insights and lessons learned from working in more than 100 countries on healthcare reimbursement systems and health delivery projects.

One of the most common qualities her audiences remark on is Maria's relaxed style of reader and audience interaction and her ability to present complex and demanding information in an easy to understand delivery style. Combining her clinical and health administration background with the skills of a health law paralegal and managed care plan contracts manager and provider relations director and nearly 35 years of professional speaking and training experience has made her a highly sought after consultant and presenter. Her detailed, hands-on "how to" presentations far outnumber her appearances that only allow time to touch the surface of a topic. Please join me in welcoming her to our stage today.

Quotes from Past Attendees

"I found her presentation easy to follow...I really liked the format her workshop – starting with the short lessons or skills and working hands-on to assimilate the material. I could have spent multiple days learning from her. "

"So many speakers and workshop leaders talk "about" their assigned topics. Maria made the topic and information she shared with us come to life.  I left her workshop with greater confidence and new practicable skills. Book her first for our next association special event. There's so much more we want to learn from her."

"The templates and models Maria shared were useful, practical, and invaluable. They will save me hundreds of hours and the frustration of trial and error. I'll be able to put everything to use immediately upon my arrival back home. Her session and materials she shared were the highlight of the event for me."

"I'm like her groupie... this is my fourth workshop with Maria Todd. I am never disappointed. I learn so much from her. Her information is spot on and her tools, tips and techniques are just not available from other presenters in the industry. I've read three of her books and and can't wait to read more from her."

"Ms Todd's session was outstanding! I wish she would train other "dog and pony show" speakers who disrespect the audience with skimpy sessions and expect you to hire them to get the information you already paid for. Her extraordinary industry generosity and professionalism is a refreshing change from the other speakers who just pitched from the podium."

"I bet when insurance companies learn that they will have to face her at the negotiation table the freak out. Her insider tips from working inside a big national HMO confirmed my worst suspicions. But her practical advice gave me new ways to deal with their bullying and ambiguity. Victim no more!"

"I heard Ms Todd speak at a rural health event for critical access hospitals. This time her talk was oriented toward academic medical centers. I learned a lot each time. She really knows her stuff. Please bring her back to talk about direct contracting with self-funded employers and ERISA. We need more on this and nobody's teaching it."

"Every hospital executive thinking about hiring physicians should have the opportunity to learn from her. One of the things I hadn't thought about was creating a hospital-owned concierge medical practice. Why not? She made so much sense. You immediately recognize her experience and expertise. Outstanding! Can we afford to bring her back for a longer session? "

"Maria Todd's session on medical tourism business development made me realize what I and others have done wrong and why our marketing efforts were not working. But even better, she explained what we needed to do to succeed. I've been to at least 15 medical tourism events around the world. Unequivocally, Maria Todd is the world's leading expert on medical tourism business and marketing strategy. "

"This was my first encounter with Maria Todd on the topic of medical tourism. Everything I heard and read before always characterized medical tourism as "cross border". Now I know where the opportunities are. What she explained and how she explained it made so much sense. You can tell she's been in the business of medical tourism for decades. Please book her for a longer session next time."

"After Maria Todd's session I finally understand the connection between brand value and managed care contract rates. I always wondered why certain providers were paid more. We have to explain how we are better, different, innovative and relevant if we want higher rates and better terms. I will change how I negotiate  with payers after her session. Thanks so much, Maria!"

"Maria's Managed Care Contracting Workshop was too short! I could have spent a full week learning from her. I can't wait to read her Managed Care Contracting Handbook. The section of the workshop on building and contracting for surgery case rates was so valuable. I knew there was a problem with the way CMS wanted them done. Now I know how to fix ours so we accept avoidable financial risks. "

" Bring her back for a longer session on case rate development and shared risk contracting, please. This is the training we need. Practical and relevant to the challenges at our hospital."

"So many consultant speakers tell you to just hire them to renegotiate all your contracts. Maria's message was different and made so much sense. First time I heard this smart lady. If you bring her back, I'll bring the whole team."

"Maria Todd's session on social media marketing for healthcare was amazing. For the past several years, social media was like a jigsaw puzzle to be solved without the finished picture as an example. After this 90-minute breakout session, I know exactly what to do and how to do it."

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