Maria Todd is a healthcare business administration expert with over 40 years of hands-on industry experience. She is a trusted advisor to healthcare providers, investors, government agencies, international development banks, and startups.

Why clients hire MariaTodd:

  • To solve a critical business problem
  • To build their brand and win new business
  • To get specific guidance on pricing, payer contracting, physician employment contracting, startup advice, branding, operational efficiency, or quality and patient safety accreditation preparation
  • As an expert witness or to help draft regulations, opine on healthcare antitrust issues and competitive matters, and health policy


  • “Maria Todd is a brilliant and experienced healthcare consultant. She helped us solve a complex problem that was causing us a lot of headaches. I highly recommend her services.” – CEO, Hospital
  • “Maria Todd is a true expert in the healthcare industry. She has a deep understanding of the challenges that healthcare providers face and she is able to provide practical solutions. I would not hesitate to hire her again.” – CFO, Medical Group
  • “Maria Todd is a great resource for healthcare providers. She is always up-to-date on the latest trends and she is able to provide practical advice that can help you improve your business.” – COO, Health System

Healthcare Business Consulting & Training 

  • Clinical operations
  • Administration
  • Training & development
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Physician integration, IPA, PHO, MSO
  • Physician-hospital integration
  • Accountable care organization startup
  • Physician employment contracts
  • Concierge medicine startups and operations
  • Direct primary care
  • Chronic Care Management (CCM)Programming
  • Shared risk contracting for providers & hospitals
  • Bundled surgery pricing and transparency
  • Pricing integrity – provider costing
  • Episodic care pricing
  • Cash pay pricing integrity
  • Healthcare price transparency
  • Patient financing – pre-settlement funding
  • Managed Care payer contracting
  • Healthcare cost containment for employers
  • Direct-with-employer contracting
  • Worksite Health Clinic Development
  • Patient redirection benefit programs (health travel)
  • Denied claims appeals
  • Value-based care
  • Dispute mediation
  • Domestic health tourism
  • International health tourism
  • Medical travel management
  • Case management and health travel logistics
  • Health tourism destination development
  • Health tourism cluster development
  • Healthcare business development
  • International health park development
  • International accreditation
  • Market analysis
  • Robotic-assisted surgery service line development
  • Product development
  • Program development
  • Professional & facility branding
  • Programmatic marketing
  • Clinical and patient facing content creation
  • Social media marketing strategy

Maria Todd is a healthcare business administration expert
who loves to disrupt the industry

Complete the form below to speak with Maria Todd or someone from her team or call her secretaries and schedule an appointment. +1.800.727.4160

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