Maria Todd is a healthcare business administration expert who loves to disrupt the industry

She believes in a holistic vision with specialist execution.

When you need an seasoned and recognized expert
to solve a specific business need critical to your success...

Clinical Operations.
Training & Development.
Regulatory Compliance.

Physician Integration.
Physician-Hospital Integration.
Accountable Care.
Physician Employment.

Concierge Medicine.
Direct Primary Care.

Shared Risk.
Bundled Surgery Pricing.
Episodic Care Pricing.
Cash Pay Pricing.
Patient Financing.
Payer Contracting.
Managed Care.
Direct-with-Employer Contracting.
Denied Claims Appeals.
Value-based Care.
Dispute Mediation.

Domestic Health Tourism.
International Health Tourism.
Medical Travel Management.
Case Management.
Destination Development.
Cluster Development.
Business Development.
Health Park Development.
International Accreditation.

Market Analysis.
Service Line Development.
Product Development.
Program Development.
Professional & Facility Branding.
Programmatic Marketing.
Content Creation.
Social Media.

Maria Todd is a trusted expert and key opinion leader and healthcare industry influencer who delivers guidance and expertise in the moment.

Maria Todd helps healthcare providers and investors meet the ever-changing needs of today's healthcare consumers.

How clients say they benefited
from working with Maria Todd

• “She left the audience spellbound in each of her sessions at our event. She draws crowds in and delights them.” (89%)
• “We learn just from working with her” (61%)
• “She brings more knowledge and insight to complex issues where others aren’t qualified” (54%)
• “She introduced new ideas, methods and solutions we had not previously considered” (48%)
• “She got the job done when we need it in a hurry” (37%)
• “She solved problems more quickly” (39%)
• “She solved our most complicated problems” (37%)
• “She helped increase our credibility as a startup” (31%)
• “She helped us mitigate financial and operational quality and patient safety risks” (29%)

Why clients hire Maria

  1. To solve a critical business problem when internal resources can’t handle it (51%)

  2. To build their brand, tap new markets and win new business by shaping their brand and leveraging their reputation (26%)

  3. Because her international industry reputation as an respected expert and authority in the niche domain they exist within healthcare gives them confidence and peace of mind (7%)

  4. To receive specific guidance on pricing, payer contracting, physician employment contracting, startup advice, operational efficiency or quality and patient safety accreditation preparation. (9%)

  5. As an expert for testimony in a legal proceeding or to help draft regulations and health policy (5%)

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