[Denver, Colorado October 10, 2015]

Maria Todd was admitted to hospital through the emergency department in Santiago de Compostela on 27/9/2015 with deep venous thrombosis and massive clots after her 4th international flight over a period of 45 days.

Maria traveled to Spain to participate in Termatalia, the world’s most significant thermal waters medical tourism event as a medical tourism expert and to give a presentation on International Health and Wellness Tourism Marketing for Balneology and Thalassotherapy, a title related to two of her upcoming books. She completed all her conference participation duties before requesting to be taken to the Emergency Department of the hospital. On examination, it was found that she had developed two clots in her leg from the long flight and they had broken apart and traveled to both lungs to form a sub-massive pulmonary embolus. While in the hospital, the former Mercury Healthcare International medical director from Europe flew to be with her and remained by her bedside for the first few days to coordinate care, serve as interpreter, and communicate with insurers and her primary care physician back home.

She was discharged from hospital on 6/10/2015 and was able to fly home with the kind assistance of Allianz Travel Assistance Insurance repatriation services. She is recuperating and resting comfortably for the next few weeks. Over the next few weeks, she will begin working from home until she receives medical clearance to return to full-time status.

Maria Todd is known worldwide for her “take it to failure” level of commitment to her work which will require re-prioritization. Doctors’ orders after this second episode of DVT/PE in one year include temporary travel restrictions for 90 days and limitations on economy class seating. She may also require anticoagulant therapy for life. She wishes to extend her deepest appreciation for everyone’s kind messages and regards for a speedy recovery.

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