The online marketplace trend is not just limited to Uber and Airbnb. Healthcare has already begun to see the marketplace trend on the service side, but some of the needs are so niche specialized on the administrative side that few freelancers have mastered the skills necessary to hire out for small projects in the marketplace business model.  In my Marketplace, I've amassed an amazing group of freelancers who wish to keep their head low, stay busy, make money, and help out.  I connect project owners and freelancers would would never be found using Craig's list, Upwork, Elance, Toptal, Fiverr, and other freelancer marketplace sites because their skills sets are so specialized.

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Parviz A California
"We hired Maria to get us contracts with employers for executive checkups. We realized more than $59,000 in new revenues the first 6 months. "
Jackie L Kansas

"I sent the final edits of the 10 pages of copy that Carol did for us to my company's owners for approval. She turned the work in on time and on budget. They were very pleased with the revisions she made! "

Debbie F Florida

"When UnitedHealth terminated the contract for our ten-location group practice, Maria and her team responded with stealth market research to find out what was being said to our patients when they asked about the change. While our lawyer was not successful in saving the contract, we were able to respond to the market with the right public relations reaction."

Abdulla A Saudi Arabia

"I assigned Maria a project to write our operating standards and evaluation criteria for our clinic acquisition and management program. What she produced was like a manual. Easy to follow for straightforward execution with the accreditation standards built into the programming so we didn't have to do things twice."

Maria works with a team of retired doctors, nurses, claims analysts, technical writers, and revenue management experts all of whom are interested in taking on freelance gigs.  Let her know what you need and she can find someone to help on a single small project or on an ongoing contract basis whenever you need their help.

Maria has little windows of availability where she can accept a single contract to review and annotate her observations and recommended changes if you don't require a fancy formal report.  She works with who also similar windows of availability on occasion. Call her today to find out if she and her team can help you out with a short assignment.

Specialized market research projects are a necessity and few big research firms have the interest in short little assignments or they lack the specialized knowledge of what to study, which questions to ask and how to evaluate research findings.  Maria works with a qualified team of freelancers familiar with healthcare, insurance, marketing and branding, and related niche specialties.

Nicole D Illinois
"As interim Managed Care Director, Maria reviewed 5 hospital contracts for me and coached me 1-on-1 online. I learned how to critically analyze the payer and the offer and what to change. I also benefitted when I was ready to hire a new director. I felt more confident vetting candidates' experience and skills."
Adrian A Colorado

"Maria's freelancers did many one-off projects for us, such as rebranding, graphics, video editing, photography, a new website and newsletter, and a new logo for which we won an international award. They also helped us clear 20 state ASC inspection deficiencies, and arranged some public appearances for our doctors and managed our social media marketing and blog editing."

Jim A Colorado

"When John helped me with my social media content marketing, he showed me how to take one piece of content and use it 8 different ways so that I only had to create three new pieces of content each month to market my practice. I knew it was working when patients started asking more questions about the topics I was covering."

Stephen U New York

"Lindsay was a delight to work with for copyediting. She had a great can-do attitude and did everything on time and within budget.  Her hourly rate was less than what most general copy editors charge but with the added value of fluency in medical terminology that I needed. I am very pleased."

Maria has a team of social media marketing coordinators who have excess capacity to fill.  Most have marketing undergraduate degrees and supplement their income freelancing on projects for her clients while attending school to complete their master's degrees.  If you know you need to market, but don't have time, these freelancers are happy to help. Call Maria to learn more.

Maria works with a team of professional content copywriters who help design, layout and produce healthcare provider newsletters each month. Each month, you meet with them for 30 minutes by web conference to discuss your news items and other important points and they produce the newsletter for you and send it out. They also create links to lead readers to your website for more information.

Maria works with creatives with advanced degrees in Journalism and Fine Arts.  They are happy to write your web content, patient education materials, brochures or even script your video and audio voice overs for a rich content mix on your blog, your newsletters and marketing materials.  Each of these specialists can offer you time for little assignments that fill gaps in between other projects.

Soyoung P Kyoto

"Maria and Ilan came to Japan to help us create a marketing and international brand strategy for our medical tourism program.  They also accompanied us to the city Tourism Board for an impromptu meeting. My boss and I were very pleased with their work and their flexibility."

David R Florida

"Maria came to Florida to train the staff and managers of our national medical group over a 3-day staff retreat at a spa resort. Everybody got exactly what we needed and our contracting and revenue cycle performance is greatly improved with the strategies she helped us develop and execute. We had fun too!"

Tariq Q New Jersey

"Our private equity firm hired Maria Todd for a 2-hour meeting with our CEO and CFO. Maria was able to share the market intelligence and insights we needed and a tactical plan that our CFO executed without further assistance. We negotiated a jump from a $250 per day per diem offer to a 3-year contract set at an $880 per diem rate."

Janet T Utah

"When my husband retired, he refused to enroll in Medicare. Recently, he became ill with a serious chronic illness. Maria helped us negotiate the bills with healthcare providers saving us $40,000 and got him on track to be signed up with Medicare. Now she's helping us get our expensive prescription medications at a lower cost through medical tourism."

So many healthcare providers have outdated websites that no longer work properly or produce results.  Maria works with vetted freelance programmers that will update your site, do periodic backups, coordinate with graphics and content specialists to update content, fine tune your SEO and responsiveness for rendering via desktop, mobile and smartphone users.  They'll get you back on track!

Maria works with a nurses, translators, and other freelancers who can tackle patient surveys for you.  Each is up to date on HIPAA privacy and security with a current Business Associate Addendum on file. Whether your need is to determine patient satisfaction, measure outcomes or coordinate care, call Maria Todd to find part time help to get the job done.

Data entry should never be expensive, but often when you need someone for a short data entry project, you can't find anyone to help. Rather than hire a temp from an agency, AskMariaTodd to supply a data entry freelancer with medical terminology, insurance, and related skills who can complete your project quickly and for a modest hourly fee.


At the AskMariaTodd™ Marketplace, I view this “matchmaking” as part of my value proposition—helping clients identify qualified professionals in an opaque industry quickly and expertly while ensuring access to the best and busiest freelance experts who neither have the time or interest to draft proposals and bid.  Many have a master’s degree or higher. Some just want to accelerate repayment on old student loans and have a little time to offer on occasion but not on a steady basis.

The overarching factors for consideration are the complexity of the service you need completed, how your timeline and budget, the knowledge-level of our experts vis-à-vis the service you need.  Many of the freelancers are actually practicing nurses and physicians who moonlight writing denied claims appeals, or perform other technical skills such as writing policies and procedures, reviewing or ghost writing medical articles and blogs, etc.  They don’t want the world knocking at their door for these services, but they will agree to do them as their time permits.  

Freelancers in the AskMariaTodd™ Marketplace set their own prices for services.    You get to choose which freelancer you want from who is available to do your project when you need it.  This means you may not always get the same freelancer from service-to-service. Many of my freelancers have crossover skills in more than one domain, but most are very specialized – especially in areas like healthcare marketing, advertising, revenue cycle or managed care. Finally, many of my freelancers simply bill via PayPal or accept a credit card through Square over the phone. 

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As a result of the ACA, more freelancers are available because many clinics and even larger organizations simply can't afford the overheads and headcounts of years past.  Now that overtime laws have changed and regulations require full benefits for workers working as W2 employees, gaps can be filled through outsourcing and freelance marketplace matching services.  AskMariaTodd™ to match you up with the specialty niche freelancers in the AskMariaTodd™ Marketplace that you need for little projects for your practice or organization.  We know where the good ones hang out!

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