How Maria Can Help Medical and Dental Practices, Health Facility and other Ancillary Providers

photo of Maria Todd reviewing managed care contracts with a client

Contract Reviews

Find Loopholes and Risks

Learn how Maria Todd protects clients from managed care contract language oversights leveraging decades health law paralegal experience. Continue

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Denied Claims Appeals

Get What You're Owed

Learn more about how Maria Todd helps clients overturn complicated, wrongfully denied claims.Continue

Negotiation Stalemates

Rate Negotiations

Learn how Maria Todd can help you breakthrough payer negotiation stalemates and uncertainty. Continue

room arranged for managed care dispute resolution

Dispute Resolution

Mediation & Arbitration

Maria Todd helps providers and their attorneys solve payer disputes leveraging 15+years as a mediator and expert witness. Continue

Bundled Pricing

Case Rate Pricing

Learn how Maria Todd has been successfully developing and negotiating bundled case rates for hospitals, surgeons, IPAs, PHOs and MSOs since the mid 1990s. Continue

Panel Lockouts

Lockouts and Terminations

Ask Maria Todd to help you find an alternative approach if you've been locked out of a contract or terminated for no cause. Continue

Managed Care Training

Training & Coaching

Learn about onsite training and Master Classes offered by Maria Todd on a variety of complex managed care topics. Continue

Maria Offers a Complimentary 15-minute Introductory Call

Call or email Maria to schedule a brief discussion so you can explain your concern or situation and see if she can help. 

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Learn more about working with Maria or inviting her to speak at your upcoming event.

Rush Reviews

Quick Reviews

Maria Todd can help you meet a negotiation deadline and complete a review if your contract analyst is unavailable. Continue

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