American healthcare industry expert and consultant, Maria Todd, shares helpful"how-to" knowledge and insights in her professional development books on managed care contracting, physician integration, healthcare marketing and medical tourism.

Most of her books are available internationally in print and digital format.

Managed Care Contracting Handbook

The 2nd edition of the Managed Care Contracting Handbook focuses on the many types of contracted reimbursement arrangements in healthcare settings.  There is no other book of its kind. It is appropriate for executives and contract negotiation team members at every experience level. The book features sample contract language for comparison, templates for payer report cards, checklists for contract analysis, a proven formula for mitigating risks when contracting for bundled case pricing and an extensive glossary of managed care contracting, risk sharing and legal terms.

Physician Integration and Alignment

This is the second book from Maria Todd on the complicated topic of Physician Integration and Alignment Maria Todd draws from experience developing IPAs, PHOs, MSOs and ACOs and covers operational, contracting, marketing, branding, and shared risk arrangements. There is no other book of its kind. It is appropriate for executives and network organizers assigned to "make it happen" and negotiate network level contracts for medical groups, PHOs, and ACOs focused on commercial business as well as Medicare Advantage opportunities. Sample checklists and work plans are included throughout, and an extensive discussion about network level contracts, shared risk agreements, bundled case pricing, and antitrust compliance is included.

Concierge Medical Practice Design

The Handbook of Concierge Medical Practice Design guides physicians and their practice administrators though the planning, branding and target marketing strategies necessary to transition and launch a successful concierge medicine or direct pay practice. Maria leverages lessons learned from hands on experience with over 400 concierge medicine practice transitions throughout the USA and abroad. Unlike any other book on the subject, the author's intention for this book is to saves physicians on consulting expenses and time by guiding you through the parts of the planning process you should do for yourself but were never trained what, how or why you should do them. But be warned, the book was never intended to be used to create a business plan or financial forecasts which should be prepared by competent accountants and attorneys. There are many excellent general purpose books already published that cover those preparatory aspects. 

Physician Employment Contracts

The Physician Employment Contracts Handbook  is the second book from Maria Todd on this popular topic Maria Todd draws from experience helping residents and recent graduates as well as established physicians who decided to work for a larger organization. Originally, the first edition, written in 1999 covered physician employment contracts in a number of practice settings along with medical directorships. The 2nd edition added model contracts and discussions for physician extenders such as nurse practitioner and physician assistants. Currently, there are few titles from which to choose to learn this information and train you on what to look for in a physician employment contract.  It is appropriate for executives and physician practice acquisition specialists at hospitals, practice administrators and physicians, dentists, veterinarians, and physician extenders seeking to choose an alternate path to self employed practice management. This wildly popular book has placed in the top 10% of all Amazon Kindle Sales several times in a row in 2017.

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Business Strategy for Healthcare Executives

What to Do While We Watch and Wait for What Comes Next, is a new book from Maria Todd. Currently in editing process, the book attempts to keep healthcare executives and physicians moving forward at a time of abandoned health plan megamergers, failed attempts to repeal the ACA, and government actions to weaken ACA exchanges, 340B cut, increasing numbers of hospital closures and unrelenting regulatory uncertainty. Washington "experts" who've never knew or all but forgotten what it takes to deliver care have taken a fragile U.S. healthcare ecosystem to a new level of chaos. The book is intended to guide physicians and healthcare executives to create short term strategic plans to keep the doors open and stay the course while pharma, politicians and insurers will do what they do. Maria takes a look at many of the existing contract loopholes and ambiguities woven into this mess that could be used and abused by insurers and health plans as every scrambles to cope. She shares short term strategies, complex contract language examples and strategic responses to help hospitals and physicians stay safe under existing contracts and perform due diligence on new health plans entering the marketplace.

HIPAA Templates, Forms and Sample Policies

Published by Mercury Healthcare International, Maria Todd was so tired and frustrated with the tedium and costs associated with preparing a new medical practice, healthcare or health tourism business for HIPAA compliance, she decide to compile the forms, policies and other tools she routinely shared with clients into one self help manual. The HIPAA Provider Compliance and Privacy Toolkit is available on a CD or downloadable files with editable template policies, procedures and forms in a do-it-yourself kit.  Sold directly through Maria's office, choose a CD or have the 400+ pages delivered electronically for only $35.  Files are saved as .doc and .ppt files. Edit with your practice name, and any changes you need to make to match your unique policies and procedures and compliance officer details. FREE BONUS: Maria also includes a self-study PowerPoint computer-based training course ($99 value) everyone in the organization should complete at the time of hire and at repeat as a refresher at six month intervals. At the completion of the training, print off the completion certificate and have it signed by the practice administrator and entered in to personnel training files.  Purchase your copy by calling 800-727-4160 and pay via PayPal.
how to market your private practice

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Marketing for Healthcare Professionals in Private Practice

Maria Todd shares practical tools, tips and techniques in her book,  How to Market Your Private Practice: A Practical Guide for Doctors and Managers.  Healthcare professionals who want to grow their practice without spending a lot of money on advertising agencies, advertising and marketing consultants should read this book first, do what they can on their own through internal efforts and then seek professional assistance to handle the parts they either don't have time or skill to complete on their own. The tools, tips and techniques she shares apply to doctors, dentists, veterinarians, therapists and other practitioners in private practice who work in the USA, Canada and elsewhere in the world who must market and advertise and establish a professional brand in order to capture market share and grow their business. Read this book to learn what they didn't teach you in your professional training about marketing strategy, branding, market research, marketing message and campaign planning and execution. Maria also covers tactics to market your business in countries where physician advertising is rigorously regulated or when you are emerging from a group practice, academic medicine or hospital-owned practice situation.
ultimate guide medicaid managed care contract-book cover

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Medicaid Managed Care Contracting

The Ultimate Guide to Medicaid Managed Care Contracting is in the final editing process and will be released as a digital edition first and print book later on this year.  Maria Todd draws upon lessons learned over the since 24 years of state-led initiatives to outsource the management of state Medicaid programs to health maintenance organizations when states began experimenting with and expanding a number of managed care arrangements, ultimately transitioning their Medicaid programs from a primarily fee-for-service delivery system to a risk-based managed care model.  She addresses the risks and strategies that must be planned for by health facilities, primary care, acute, and specialty services, including behavioral health, dental, and transportation programs, among others.  She supplies sample contract language and picks apart ambiguities most people overlook to highlight potential operating and financial risk exposures. She suggests ways to revise terms and conditions to strike balanced agreements that level the playing field. Her goal is to help providers avoid being thrown under the bus by health plans wanting to carve out their profit off the backs of the contracted provider network.  The book will be available through Amazon Kindle Publishing for the first six months after release.
An industry best seller!

Medical Tourism Business Development

The Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Development is a one-of-a kind, information-packed essential "how to" book that explains what it takes to develop a patient-centered medical tourism program. This must-read handbook was written to help any hospital, clinic, hotel, or spa interested in establishing a medical tourism service line to attract new patients willing to travel to access healthcare. From high-cost surgery, transplants, diagnostics, and preventive wellness checkups, to medical and wellness spa retreats, patient follow up, and outcomes measurement, this book covers the gamut of related issues faced by startups in medical tourism in the USA or abroad.  Dr Maria Todd, the longest established consultant in the industry with more than 35 years of experience guides executives, practitioners, investors and government authorities at every experience level.  A must read for every startup and struggling established medical tourism business or cluster,  avoid costly oversights and mistakes, save money on consulting advice and use precious startup capital wisely by reading this book first. Maria asks her clients read the book once and then a second time before she works with them to create a list of structured, probing questions that require unique solutions to make better use of their budget and time together.

Must Read for Every Medical Tourism Facilitator!

Medical Tourism Facilitator's Startup Bible

Maria Todd's Medical Tourism Facilitator's Handbook is a must-have resource of hard-to-find tools, checklists, terminology, sample contracts, and other helpful information for hospital-based, lay facilitators, travel agents, and even retired physicians and nurses. Supplying the advice of a recognized expert in medical tourism business development, the author shares detailed, practical guidance about medical tourism facilitation that only comes from more than 35 years of work experience coordinating medical travel. It covers the full range of best and worst case scenarios that can occur when clients travel to obtain health services. Her casual, conversational tone covers topics such as international travel logistics, where to find answers to immigration concerns, confidentiality/privacy issues, and planning and managing health travel complications and other risks.  A must read for every medical tourism facilitator or travel agency wishing to accelerate their learning and professionalism, Maria requires her facilitator coaching clients to read the book and create a list of structured questions for use during their coaching time together so that they get the most from their investment of time and startup capital with her.  This wildly popular book has placed in the top 7% of all Amazon Kindle sales worldwide, several times in 2017.
Site inspections for medical tourism

Medical Tourism Site Inspections

In Organizing Medical Tourism Site Inspections for Self-insured Employers, Maria Todd explains how medical tourism facilities can create programs for corporate buyers that health benefit plans want. She describes what a hospital or clinic must include in site inspection visits to win contracts with self-insured employers and labor union health benefit administrators. Maria leverages her experience working with health insurers, corporate buyers, and labor unions to share insights on what they want to know, what they want to see and the kinds of offers that interest them. She shares insights and lessons learned from working with hundreds of successful hospitals, ASCs and clinics that win direct-with-employer Center of Excellence business and lucrative insurance and managed care contracts. Readers will benefit from the tips she shares that save time, avoid frustration and grow their businesses without costly advertising, expensive congress stand rentals and sponsorships or aggressive messaging.  She offers concrete advice from the corporate medical tourism product-development trenches, and guides readers on how to prepare for corporate medical tourism clients. You’ll learn what it takes to create a corporate medical tourism program that self-insured employers and labor unions never knew they couldn’t live without. 
book cover art marketing stem cell therapies medical tourism

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Marketing Medical Tourism Stem Cell Treatments

This latest how-to book from Maria Todd is a  guide for suppliers and health and wellness tourism facilitators on the complicated topic of Marketing Medical Tourism for Stem Cell Therapies is the first of its kind. Regenerative Medicine, a revolutionary field involving the engineering of cells and other biomaterials to restore or replace organ function lost or impaired due to disease, injury or aging, and ultimately improving the quality of life. Maria Todd has developed world renown as an expert in medical tourism business development. In this book, she distilled many of the fundamental practices of medical tourism marketing and has added the additional advanced concepts of marketing investigative and experimental services associated with clinical trials. The book is an exceptional practical guide for both providers and facilitators to help them market stem cell therapies for medical tourism.

Medicinal Thermal Springs and Wellness Tourism

In the Handbook of Thermal & Rehabilitation Resort Development  Maria Todd focuses on the development and transformation of naturally occurring hot springs and thermal baths which harness the healing powers of hydrotherapies (balenology and thalassotherapy) and mud applications (pelotherapy) to commercial health and wellness tourism destinations.  There is no other book of its kind.  Maria Todd has been awarded status as an "Academician" (an honorific title used to denote a full member of an academy that has a strong influence on national scientific life) by the Ukrainian Academy of Rehabilitation and Human Health (which focuses primarily on physical medicine and rehabilitation ("physiatry") for her work in this area of health and wellness tourism.  The book is written for the investor, developer, executives and clinical audience and draws from her work on health and wellness tourism and thermalism projects throughout Europe, Asia, Black Sea, and CIS medical tourism destinations. The book features discussions about conversion of these "wild" and natural springs to commercial ventures and discusses accreditation, medical and wellness marketing and branding and commercial spa resort packaging for medical tourism business.

Out of print

Physician and Physician-Hospital Integration

Originally published in 1997 by the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and McGraw Hill Healthcare Education Group, IPA, PHO, MSO Development Strategies by Maria Todd, focused on the creation and management of various models of integrated physician and hospital entities of the 1990s. Maria Todd drew from experience developing IPAs, PHOs, MSOs and Clinics without Walls all across the nation and covered operational, contracting, marketing, branding, and shared risk arrangements. The book was updated and re-titled Physician Integration and Alignment  because at the advent of the Affordable Care Act, the terms IPA and PHO were essentially "replaced" by Accountable Care Organizations and the lessons learned from the 1990s was that if you integrate physicians but fail to align their goals and objectives with their other integration partners, the integration would not be sustainable. The book is currently out of print and unavailable other than a few copies held by the author.  It was substantially revised and updated in the sequel book, published by CRC Productivity Press, a division of international life sciences publisher, Informa.

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Managed Care Contracting

The 1st edition of the Managed Care Contracting Handbook originally released in 1995 by the Healthcare Financial Management Association and Irwin Professional Publishing, (later acquired by McGraw Hill Healthcare Education Group) focused on the many types of contracted reimbursement arrangements in healthcare settings.  There was no other book of its kind leading it to break many sales records for a non-fiction, professional development book for the healthcare industry. The book was replaced by the second edition and is currently out-of-print. A few author copies still remain. It was substantially revised and updated in the second edition, published by CRC Productivity Press, a division of international life sciences publisher, Informa.

Out of print

Physician Employment Contracts

This was the first book from Maria Todd on Physician Employment Contracting released in 1999 by the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and McGraw Hill Healthcare Education Group. The Physician Employment Contract Handbook drew from experience as a consultant to residents, fellows and physicians and practice administrators seeking to hire new doctors to join practices, Federally Qualified Health Centers, small physician groups, mega practices and to hire doctors to work as medical directors.  The book is now out of print and only a few author copies remain.  It was substantially revised and updated in the second edition, published by CRC Productivity Press, a division of international life sciences publisher, Informa.