Meet Maria Todd

Yes, that's a real sunset at her home in St George, Utah


  1. She brings over 35 years of expertise in five complicated areas of healthcare business administration and strategy.
  2. She is not afraid to decline project invitations that aren't within her realm of expertise.
  3. She listens carefully and gives her undivided attention to clients.
  4. She offers specific recommendations.
  5. She is an exemplary good steward with other people's money.
  6. Her project deliverables are precise.
  7. Her pricing is predictable and reasonable. 
  8. She delivers measurable results.

Maria Todd's client list includes universities, government agencies, hospitals, medical groups, fellowship programs, pharmaceutical and medical technology manufacturers, investors, and employers curious about contracting directly with medical providers. 

Maria Todd spellbinds her audiences as a prominent international keynote speaker and trainer

Maria accepts speaking dates as often as her schedule permits because she loves to watch audiences' faces light up when the "Aha" moment occurs. Once you've decided on your event dates, call or email Maria's office for a list of topics she can cover and to discuss speaker fees and travel requirements.  The best audiences for her presentations include healthcare executives and managers, physicians and other practitioners, investors, and government health policy and regulatory agencies.  Watch as she delights them with tools, tips and stories that teach. Her sessions are often described as intense, interactive, inspirational, transformational and educational.  Audiences leave her sessions with action items and a clear plan on their next move.  Don't be surprised when they demand you bring her back to learn more at your next event. She appears as a featured keynote speaker and prefers sessions that are small, focused Master Classes, Workshops, Seminars, Webinars, Onsite Training, and Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops. She's delighted to work with you to produce full-, half- and multi-day programs.

Brands you know and trust

trust Maria Todd

Maria Also Helps Clients with

  • Regional and National Health Tourism Destination Development
  • Health facility accreditation and re-accreditation preparation

  • U.S. and international health policy development

  • Expert witness testimony and litigation support

  • Media interviews and public relations

  • Healthcare payer/provider dispute resolution




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