Denver-based consultant, award-winning speaker, trainer and author, Maria Todd, brings you her best insights and strategies from working on various healthcare, health tourism and international development projects in the USA, and abroad for the past 37 years.

Dr Maria Todd is a leading global strategic analyst who keeps her finger on the pulse of emerging trends in healthcare business development, management and health and wellness tourism in the USA and abroad. She leads Mercury Healthcare International’s team of analysts and plays an integral role in applying a forward-looking, strategic lens to Mercury’s business activities in the healthcare and health tourism sectors. Few consultants in the healthcare sector have achieved such international prominence or contributed more to the industry. She is the author of 18 best-selling professional books on healthcare management topics and practical guidance for health and wellness tourism business development. She blogs regularly and authors commissioned articles for scholarly journals, trade and consumer magazines, and supports media and professional journalists as an industry expert resource on topics related to economic development, health insurance, wellness initiatives, managed care, physician integration, hospital management, and health travel as it shapes regions, cities, rural areas, politics, employment trends, capacity training and development and their inter-relationships.

Maria Todd's client list includes universities, government agencies, hospitals, medical groups, fellowship programs, pharmaceutical and medical technology manufacturers, investors, and employers curious about contracting directly with medical providers. 

Clients dramatically improve their profitability after working with Maria Todd. They realize increases in their reimbursement, volumes of new patients, and global brand awareness and appeal. Maria helps companies and physicians price for value. She zeroes in on clients' needs and meets or exceeds them. Her unique skill set comes from over 35 years of experience at all six seats at the table, clinical, administrative, insurance contracting, travel and tourism, marketing and branding, and health law paralegal work. She intertwines these skills in a way that no other consultant can offer because most usually only offer one of these expertise and have to call upon others - each with their own fees and expenses to comprise the other five. She solves problems for clients and shortens time and reduces expenses associated with hiring a consultant. This is an additional value added benefit of working with her.

Maria is well-known for prescient forecasts and straightfoward explanations of trends, market transitions, best practices, and insightful analysis of how health and wellness tourism is growing or failing on the global landscape. She is brutally honest with clients which they tend to appreciate when working with her. She is direct. She pulls no punches and doesn't sugar coat bad news or constructive criticisms.  Since 1983, clients, followers, and program attendees – ranging from the highest levels of government to armchair strategists and industry specialists – have gravitated to her websites, books, workshops, seminars, master classes and keynote speeches seeking forward-looking, unbiased analysis that is hard to find at industry events. She delivers practical guidance and insight on very specialized niche areas rarely covered  in depth by others. 

Maria adds value to every project she accepts. She loves watching her clients' successes and watching them grow and thrive. If she doesn't believe she can add value, she turns new opportunities away. As it happens with the most valuable advisers, the demand for her time has grown to a level where she can no longer manage or accept every project she is invited to. After more than 35 years helping clients succeed, her availability has become more limited. She's adamant that each client gets the attention and assistance they need. 

She is a prominent international keynote speaker and trainer. She is often booked to start new projects or present keynote addresses and workshops as much as 18 months in advance.  She frequently speaks to executives, investors, and government agency leaders at events across the world on a variety of topics including healthcare, tourism, hospitality, travel, higher education, healthcare finance, healthcare real estate development, and software design for healthcare and health tourism care coordination and patient movement.  More than 80,000 followers flock to her insightful blogs on several platforms across the Internet. Her thought-provoking presentations on current headlines and future trends in health and wellness tourism have been attended by more than 65,000 workshop, master class and seminar participants. Her keynote presentations focus on a wide variety of themes, covering political issues in healthcare reform, economic development, business development and jobs creation, medical tourism, clinical health services, facilities and clinic accreditation, marketing, branding, advertising, pricing algorithms, clinical trials, sustainability, telehealth, hospitality, health and wellness travel planning, destination branding and health tourism security issues.  Invite Maria to inspire, educate and enlighten attendees at your next event, conference or retreat.  Ask her to explain how she can boost your marketing and advertising to her network and add value to your international conferences to attract more session registrants and deliver value to your audience. But don't wait to reserve time on her calendar or you'll risk disappointment!

When you book Dr. Todd as a speaker, your group will not only be motivated to improve their businesses and inspired to live the life of their dreams, but they will also leave equipped with the best practices and cutting-edge information on managed care, concierge medicine, physician integration, health and wellness tourism, healthcare marketing, social media, blogging and online businesses that they can use right away. Years of consulting, teaching pedagogy and speaking experience enable her to relax with clients and use humor to make teaching and coaching lessons easy to comprehend and remember. Her speeches and workshops are often interactive, inspirational, transformational and educational.  Your attendees will leave her talks with action items and a clear plan on their next move. The topics she covers can be delivered as a keynote, conference breakout session, corporate/nonprofit training or webinar. She's happy to create new programs with unique content and customize them to fit your specific needs.

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