• Genuine, Practical Examples

    A fresh dose of realism & passion "Her inspirational and results-oriented session provided us with the tools and insights to improve our reimbursement from insurers.”
  • Energizing, Results-Oriented

    She delivers more than expected "I would encourage any company to hire Maria if they’re committed to continuous improvement and developing their people.”
  • Transform the Ordinary

    Let Maria inspire your audience as an award-winning international keynote speaker, author, and global industry thought leader. Invite her to present longer sessions and dive deeper into topics.
  • Highest-Rated Presentations

    Maximize Competitive Advantage "Maria Todd was our BEST keynote speaker and investment. After her opening presentation, she conducted six of our best ten participant-rated break-out sessions."
  • Dynamic Audience Engagement

    Brilliant Messages & Funny Stories "Maria Todd was amazing, articulate, astounding, magnanimous, marvelous, and wonderful. She answered every question like a consultation from the podium."
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     Booking information & availability; media enquiries

   USA: +1.303.823.4662  |  UK: +44.74.5226.9212

AskMariaTodd™The Answer Lady

Maria Todd is the leading trainer for medical professionals on healthcare revenue cycle, insurance reimbursement contracting, and physician alignment and integration.

Her experience is unparalleled in the industry with regard to accountable care organization development, healthcare cluster integration and clinical operations. No other healthcare business expert in the world has as many peer reviewed professional desk reference books or as many training sessions and workshops to their credit. She's one of a kind and she makes learning fun!

Maria Todd is often called the world’s single most knowledgeable advisor on health travel and medical tourism operations.

Her keynote speeches bring unparalleled practical work experience in the industry to session attendees. "Maria Todd is the insurance package your health tourism event needs, delivering high-energy, high-content, and inspiring and actionable presentations."

Maria Todd is the world’s most knowledgeable advisor on medical tourism benefit design for employers.

She challenges, motivates and encourages the audience with practical insight and a wealth of firsthand knowledge. When it comes to employer-paid medical tourism benefit design and provider contracting, she's brilliant and right on target!

When you want to develop a shared vision or transform a company or a department, Maria Todd is one of the world's best workshop facilitators in healthcare.

Her workshops drill down into difficult areas that other workshops simply don't even attempt to cover. " She is an expert in ideation and brainstorming. After one of her workshops, she works with your group to converge their ideas and bring them to life."

Add a "Meet the Author" autograph session to Maria's appearance at your event.

Maria's publisher (CRC/Productivity Press) is happy to arrange a discount for your organization. Take advance orders and pre-payment during registration. Sell books at full retail, and retain the difference between the discount and sales price for an effective fund-raising campaign.

  • US Health Reform

    Maria demystifies US healthcare reform and its implications on medical tourism trends from the USA better than anyone!"... the only expert to ask to speak about contracting with US insurers and employers."
  • Quality & Safety

    Maria brings broad perspectives and objectivity about quality and safety accreditation and certifications. "... most valuable session was Maria's factual explanation of international accreditation and certification programs."
  • Health Services Marketing

    Maria teaches results-oriented, practical strategies to drive volume and increase healthcare revenues & referrals. "... her amazing breakout session on how to sell solutions transformed our whole sales strategy and approach."
  • Process Improvement

    Maria respects the dais and her audience. Her "how-to" sessions teach skills instead of trying to sell consulting services. "... Maria was the only speaker who brought value to the program; she didn't just advertise about her business."
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